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Why We Exist?

Quality Food at Low-Cost  |  Shop For as Little as £5  |  Leaving Nobody Behind


Families are facing the biggest rise to the cost of living for generations, and for many, this will mean choosing between essential things like food, heating and paying their bills.

Victory Grocery Store is being established to help local families who are being hit-hard by the sudden rise in costs. Members can shop twice a week, for as little as £4 and this includes everything you need to put food on the table for your family.

Included in a typical £5 shop:

5 fresh fruit and vegetables
A loaf of fresh bread
2 dairy items such as milk and eggs

6 Cupboard items

1 frozen item
1 personal care item

We want to ensure your family can eat well and by partnering with food suppliers, supermarkets, and local businesses, we know that no one needs to go without.

But there’s more! We are passionate about making a real difference in people’s lives. Each membership will enable your family to access a range of courses and individual support for free.

The Grocery Store is run by Victory Church in partnership with CBN, Operation Blessing.

An annual membership costs £5 per household. 

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