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Leaving Nobody Behind

Grocery Store by Victory is designed to restore dignity by empowering families and meeting their practical needs. It is a ‘hand up’, not a ‘handout’. This means we can tackle the root cause of people’s problems rather than simply relieving the ‘symptoms’ – allowing people to get back on their feet for good.


Our store enables local families to buy healthy, sustainable food at affordable prices, with all the groceries needed for a full basic shop starting from just £4.


We have loved seeing people become members and hearing how confident they are that it will make a real difference to their lives as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite.

We are keen to build strategic partnerships with local businesses because we know that together we can do more for thousands of people in our area. We would love you and your business to be part of our vision to help local families escape food poverty.


By partnering with us, you will be promoting your business as well as helping to bring lasting change to the people you care about.

We are looking for 100 businesses to donate £1,000 a year (or as much as you can afford), which can either be paid annually or divided into monthly instalments. As we are able to buy stock at 20% of its retail value, your gift of £1,000 will pay for £5,000 worth of stock. What an investment!


We are also asking businesses to offer a small discount (5-10%) on their products or services for card-holding members. This will encourage our customers to use your local business, which we hope will directly impact sales or bookings for you. 


How To Become A Partner

Simply fill in the form below and make payment into our charity account and your business will be added to our site for advertising purposes and to join the local businesses that are standing together to support the community. 

We will be in contact with you to gain your logo and website details to add you to our page. Thanks you for your support. 

You can donate directly into our charity account:


Victory Church Cwmbran - Grocery Store



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